Watchkeeper Training in Athens for existing customers a big success

London, October 27th 2019

In October, we held a free training seminar for existing Watchkeeper clients, run by the  highly experienced consultant, Sanjiv Sehgal.

Many Watchkeeper customers, based in Athens, attended the presentation, which showed them how to correctly use Watchkeeper, analyse the reports it produces and utilise the capability of our Watchkeeper Online portal, to understand and reduce non-conformities and spot where their vessels were perhaps not using the software to it’s full capabilities.

The 3-hour morning seminar received very favourable feedback from those who attended. Some customers reported that they had not realised just how powerful Watchkeeper can be in understanding issues on board a vessel from the analysis of  non-conformities. Additionally, they felt they had received more guidance on how to advise their vessels to use the software.

The success of the event has prompted the Watchkeeper management team to look at holding this event in other regions, and a preliminary date has been set to run another training event in Singapore in late February 2020. We will be sending out further information on this event in due course.