Changes to the STCW regulations for seafarer hours of work and rest come into force on the 1st January 2012. Merchant navy vessels that travel though international waters will be required to comply with the new regulations, which make substantial changes to the original STCW 95 code. Changes include the abolishing of the “2 day derogation” flexibility and replacing it with the so called “Manila Amendments”, that were added to the code in 2010. Base regulations have also been harmonized with MLC.

The ISF and IT Energy are very pleased to announce that ISF Watchkeeper 3 now fully tests for the new regulations. All existing WK3 Subscribers are entitled to the update free of charge

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“It is very easy to change the reporting regime and demonstrate compliance with IMO STCW 2010”

Chris Bravery, Quality & Compliance Director, CMA Ships

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