GDPR: Watchkeeper and Watchkeeper Online fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation requirement for EU customers.

London, United Kingdom, 25th May 2018

Michael Papageorge, MD of IT Energy, the developers of Watchkeeper, advised that the Watchkeeper ecosystem is fully conformant to GDPR requirements for both Watchkeeper and Watchkeeper Online solutions.

“Our rapidly growing EU-customer base can be sure that their data is safe with Watchkeeper Online and that we meet all the data processor requirements.”, Michael said. “We’ve conducted a thorough GDPR audit and updated our structures, procedures and documentation to meet all of the important and well thought-out requirements of GDPR”, he added.

Michael also noted “Our Asian and American customers can also be certain that using Watchkeeper Online meets the requirements of their European customers. Please contact our sales team for more information”

Please email if you have any further questions.
Watchkeeper Marketing

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