Watchkeeper 3.5 is on general release.

Version 3.5.6501 – Release Notes

June 2017

Release 3.5.6501 is a critical update of ISF Watchkeeper that should be applied to all installations. A number of major features have been added and numerous enhancements have been made to the software. There are also important bug fixes that should be noted. We therefore recommend all ISF Watchkeeper customers update their installations to the latest version

Please contact Watchkeeper Sales for further details and how to upgrade.

Change List:

  •   Major new feature: International Date Line Crossing (IDL) functionality has been added to the system
  •  Major new feature: A new Planner module has been added to the system. Each plan can be defined with location and description information for a specified date range. A team of seafarers can also be added and hours inputted for real-time testing to plan future events such as port visits. The system also now generates a Working Schedule report that has PDF export capability. Plans can be converted to ‘Actual’ logged hours
  • Major new feature: NC Activity Capture has been added to the Time Entry interface, along with Activity definition. Watchkeeper can now be set to force logging of activity by seafarers on days where violations occur. Watchkeeper Online users will be able to benefit from non- conformance analysis by activity. By popular demand, the ROH comments field is no longer a dropdown list
  • Enhancement: The report Table of Shipboard Working Arrangements (SWA) has been improved to update content, improve layout and increase space for inputtable fields. The chapeau text can also now be edited
  • Enhancement: Turkish language support has been added for the Table of shipboard working arrangements (SWA) and the Record of Hours (ROH) reports. To request other languages to be added please contact us on
  • Enhancement: WK3 Network Version can now be activated from the WK3 Client. This means server access is no longer required to input License Keys. A new license expiry warning has also been added once the expiry date is less than 30 days away. Serial Number and versioning information is now displayed in the status bar of the application window.
  • Enhancement: The existing “Multi Input” tool has been expanded to allow larger teams to be edited at the same time and to include capability to capture ROH comments and NC Activity/NC Action texts
  • Enhancement: Better handling of crew with the same rank: The NC Summary report will now show the seafarer name + rank and therefore ranks that have more than one active seafarer will be shown on separate lines
  • Enhancement: OPA90 and Vessel Scheduler interactions have been simplified to avoid OPA90 being tested in periods when it is not required. OPA90 test are now only performed when USA Waters entries are made in the Vessel Scheduler
  • Enhancement: The vessel scheduler has been improved to allow automatic substitution of port hours for default schedules on port days
  • Enhancement: Speed Enhancements to the calculation testing engine, user interface and reports e.g. NC Summary
  • Enhancement: The underlying database technology used by ISF Watchkeeper has been updated to Microsoft SQL 2012 Express
  • Enhancement: The ISF Watchkeeper application installer will now perform an upgrade of Microsoft SQL 2005 Express to Microsoft SQL 2012 Express
  • Enhancement: Several improvements have been made to the WK3 Server RESTORE tool. Speed has been improved and backward compatibility has been added to automatically convert older release versions to the current version. The restore can now also include backup files that have different paths to the installation database
  • Enhancement: Performance has been improved for various parts of the system including NC Summary report, crew grid handling and Multi-Edit interface
  • Enhancement: ROH layout improvements to make better use of space
  • Enhancement: Approximately 30 small functionalities, layout and content enhancements

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