Support for ISF Watchkeeper is free to all subscribers

How to contact us:
We can be contacted using the following:
IT Energy, Room 101, St Magnus House, London, EC3R 6HD, United Kingdom

UK Tel: 020 7264 0580
International Tel: +44 20 7264 0580


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Support Hours
9am-6pm UTC Monday to Friday excl. UK Holidays

Quick Links: Most requested support documents:
1. How to find the SERIAL NUMBER and ACTIVATE -Single User
2. How to find the SERIAL NUMBER and ACTIVATE -Network Version
3. How to input the license key
4. How to reset the ADMIN password
5. How to upload my data to Watchkeeper Online
6. WK3 System Requirements
7. Blank IMO and Vessel name -Single user
8. Blank IMO and Vessel name -Network version
9. Watchkeeper 3 client displays “unable to connect to your preferred ISF Watchkeeper 3 server”
10. How to add explicit firewall rule for WK3 Server”
11. Watchkeeper 3 client is displaying “The server been reset”
12. How to re-enable the “Time Entry Only” button in Watchkeeper”